P2G / Partnership2Gether

by Marni vyn, Board Chair

Since 1994, three Michigan communities (Metropolitan Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Grand Rapids) have partnered with three municipalities in Israel: Migdal HaEmek, NofHaGalil, and the Jezreel Valley located in the Central Galilee region.


As one of 46 Jewish Agency Partnership2Gether parings throughout the United States, the program originally was designed to address needs in Israel. Today, the Partnership strives to build significant opportunities and sustain long-lasting, people to people relationships through a variety of collaborative programs and shared resources strengthening both communities.


Missions, exchanges, and support of English Language instruction are today's primary focuses. Over many years, the Michigan communities and Central Galilee counterparts have become more than partners. We are inspired to connect Our next generation. We are family. Two communities, One future.


On October 25, the Jewish Federation of Grand Rapids welcomed a delegation of 15 Israelis and 10 lay leaders from the Federations of Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor. They came to learn about Our community and help Grand Rapids more deeply engage in the P2G program. We are excited about the opportunities to strengthen Our connection to Israel!


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  • Dafna Kaufman, Sandi Simms and Tamar Shooval in Ein Dor! Dafna happened to be visiting her family in Tel Aviv and drove to Ein Dor to spend the day with us! Such a fabulous day!

  • The Michigan and Israeli Steering Commitee getting a tour at Ein Dor.

  • The last night of the Steering Committee trip at a celebration of the Partnership's 30th anniversary and the 75th anniversary of Israel.

  • Tamar Shooval and Shlomit Meyers welcoming the Steering Committee to Ein Dor. Both Tamar and Shlomit have come to Grand Rapids in the past year! We hope to see both back here before too long.

  • View of 1500 year old wine press overlooking the Jezreel Valley. In those days water was dangerous to drink (because of the bacteria), so wine was produced and drank instead of water. It had a low alcohol content but was healthy because it was fermented.

  • View of the Jezreel Valley located in Central Galilee. It once was a marshland that was transformed into a fertile and verdant valley that grows crops of every type from flowers to olives.