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Shabbat at Home

While synagogues have traditionally served as the focus of communal Jewish life, the home has always been the most important place for building Jewish identity. This is especially true regarding home observances of Shabbat...

  • Andy Statman, Mystical Jewish Performer

    By David J. Litvak. It's a Thursday night in New York’s famed Greenwich Village, the traditional heart of bohemia in lower Manhattan, where legendary folk artists like Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, and Bob Dylan got their start in the music business...

  • Jewish Identity, to a 'T'

    By Julia Goldman. Want to create an instant community? Just add cotton. That’s what one entrepreneur says she's doing with a line of T-shirts silk-screened with the slogans "Yo Semite" -- a play on the national park's name -- and "Jews for Jeter" -- in support of the Yankees' star shortstop...


Jewish Life Cycle and Rituals

Helping Children Cope with Death

Funeral Customs


Interfaith Family Bar/Bat

Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah

When the Issue is Circumcision

Pregnancy and Childbirth

Shower or Not to Shower

  • A Brief History of the Jews

  • Observing Shabbat When Your Children's Friends Don't

  • The Conversion Process

  • A New Context For Yiddish