28 2019

Avodath Hakodesh sung by Chamber Choir of Grand Rapids

3:00PM - 5:00PM  

Temple Emmanuel 1715 Fulton Street
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Contact Ellen Carpenter

$ Cost $ 20.00

The Chamber Choir of Grand Rapids, a 40 voice semi-professional choir, presents Ernst Bloch’s Avodath Hakodesh, the most enduring exploration of the Hebrew Liturgy (Sacred Service). Directed by Dr. Mark Webb, this work is a profoundly powerful piece that ranks among the major orchestral/choral works of the 20th Century. Avodath Hakodesh is divided into five parts and mirrors the Sabbath morning liturgical progression in the Union Prayerbook. It's like Bloch was trying to write the history of the twelve tribes of Israel in musical terms. It's all there, Moses, Joshua, the conquest of Canaan, David, Solomon, the fall of Jerusalem, the lamentations of Jeremiah -- the music says it all. It is a very moving and thrilling work.